3 best reasons to recharge your phone online

Are you still paying by cash to get your prepaid phone recharge done at a store? It’s time to do the recharge online – we tell you why.

Using your mobile phone is one of the necessary chores in your life. A day spent without your phone is almost a day wasted, since you cannot summon up your contacts, or chat with friends, or even look up important information on the search engine. But how do you carry out the prepaid recharge on your phone? Are you still paying in cash to do it at the local mobile store? It’s time to take matters in your own hands and switch to the online recharge route. Once the basic set up is done, you can start transferring payments, paying bills, completing the phone recharge, availing offers on restaurants and retail, etc. You can do the Airtel prepaid recharge using the BHIM app (also offered as a payment option on the myAirtel app) and get cashback and discounts for doing so.

Consider the 3 top reasons to do your prepaid recharge online:

#1 It’s faster. At a time when most of us are chasing work schedules, there is hardly any time to waste on mundane tasks. Every minute is precious in a busy working day, and you cannot waste even a moment in fruitless endeavours. At a such a time, what would you rather do – go to the mobile store and ask the store personnel to do your online recharge on your phone, or do it yourself quickly in under a minute? Recharging online is a matter of practice, and the more often you do it, the faster it is completed. Compare the time saved by online prepaid recharge you can do by yourself over your smartphone or laptop, rather than asking somebody else to do it.

#2 It’s easier. Internet-based technologies are everywhere, and they are so easy to work with. The ease and comfort that online payment and transfer systems offer are unparalleled. You can totally do away with the age-old practice of carrying cash in your wallet. You can have a great online recharge app like the multi-utility myAirtel app on your smartphone, and never have to carry your wallet out of doors again. The myAirtel app does prepaid recharges for phone and DTH connections, postpaid and broadband bills, and other utility payments. What can be easier than using just one online app to make all your payments, without dispensing a single note of cash?

#3 It’s secure. The earliest users of online payment platforms in India were justifiably cautious about their online security when transacting money. But today, online recharge apps are extremely secure and offer the latest security protocols for every transaction. The most secure prepaid recharge platforms are UPI-based apps, which require a unique M-pin/UPI code to complete the transaction. In fact, using the leading payment platforms ensures maximum security not just for recharging online but also for a variety of other payments.



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