5 Instagram Tips for Your Web Design Service

The demand for web design services has never been higher. With over 3.7 billion people now using the internet according to the International telecommunications union (ITU), more brands are looking for professional web design services. A recent study published by Iron Paper shows that 57.7% of SMEs intend to build a website in the next one year. This highlights the potential to be exploited in the industry. If you are a web designer, this is the time to actualize your dream of running a successful business.

However, you have to appreciate that the competition is stiff and to stay afloat, you have to stand out. One way of doing this is by using Instagram marketing to push your brand. With over 500 million daily active users (DAUs), Instagram (IG) is now the fastest growing social media platform. An eMarketer Study says that close to 50% of brands in the U.S already have an IG account and it goes without saying that you can also leverage this platform to boost your brand.

While Instagramoffers many opportunities to any type of business, you have to appreciate that you are fighting for attention among thousands of other web designers in your niche. How then do you harness the power of this photo and video sharing service? Take a look:

  1. Cross-platform marketing – One of the biggest advantages of using Instagram is the fact that you have a chance to use your content on multiple platforms. There are amazing photo editing tools on IG and this means your posts will always look impressive. You can then use the same posts on other online platforms including other social media profiles, your website and even on your emails.
  2. Leverage the power of visuals – The reason why this social media platform is so popular is because it gives users a chance to share visuals. Internet users love visuals and if you create beautiful photos, it becomes easy to grow your followers for Instagram.You can easily use your best web design layouts to build interest in your web design service. Now that web design is mostly about aesthetics, make sure you capture your unique styles and post them on your account.
  3. Use trending hashtags – If there is one thing you have to learn in order to ace it in Instagram marketing, it has to be the proper use of hashtags. If you are not leveraging trending hashtags, you are missing out on an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Look for trending hashtags and use them to accompany your web design ideas.
  4. Create photo contests – Contests are among the most popular techniques when it comes to IG marketing. Ask users to use a particular hashtag for the best web design photos and have them tag their pictures. Ask your followers to vote for the best web design idea and go on and build it.
  5. Tell a story – Internet users love creativity and more importantly, original ideas. Why not go ahead and tell a story about how you came up with your web design business?

There are many other ideas to use on Instagram to boost your web design service but these will get you started.

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