Android Developer Selection Process

The developer who has a fire to work on mobile applications must be able to work on the Android platform. The Android developer must be efficient enough to handle all applications developed on the mobile device. Mobile development companies and companies operating on media devices must hire Android Developers to get their work done. When selecting a fresher and providing training on Android development, then a standard aptitude test will do. But, for hiring an experienced resource, it is essential to assess the skills. Conduction test and interview will help for an efficient assessment.

Know the Skills of an Android Developer:

Companies can take help on an online android aptitude test to know if the resources know the following skills. The skills mentioned below are must be understood by an Android developer.

  • How to design and implement an advanced app supporting the Android OS.
  • Ability to work with the other teams for classification, designing, and shipping new features.
  • Able to join hands with the API and external data sources.
  • Knowledge in unit testing for the robustness that includes the edge cases, dependability, and the usability.
  • Must possess a passion towards continuous learning, evaluation, and implementation of all the new technologies and to capitalize all development proficiencies.

Need For an Android Developer

The advancement in technology and the growth of education across the world has invited many opportunities. Handheld devices are not in the hands of the people, but their hearts, and hence advancement on mobile applications has become an essential need. This Android developer must be able to understand not only the technology but the ways to integrate that with the people want and give the best to the individuals.

Also, studies indicate that the construction of Android applications can be done only by capable resources. They must understand the design, end user, demand, and cost to make a perfect product.

How To Get the Best Android Developer?

Android development process has a defined set of procedures, and a competent developer must follow it. To identify such details, an interview may not be that effective than a test. As a test can get into detail and the machine-driven analysis can allow candidates to think and respond. Unlike apersonal interview may be biased, or it may even not understand the candidate’s ability in-depth.

The online test can be created in modules, and that can help assess in stages of the candidate’s talent. It can be subjective and objective including both theory and practical questions.

Further, the test outcome can evaluate on a consistent scale, and the measurement will throw accurate results. Only writing software for such test can do their job efficiently. Even a recruiter can organize such analysis because they need just to administer the test the questions will get generated automatically.

With the growing technology, it is not difficult to hire the right resource for an android development position. Companies can take help from professional service providers to have a smooth recruitment process.


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