Apart From a Criminal Background Check What Can Others Find on the Net

It is fascinating what a treasure trove of information the internet is. You wouldn’t believe the kind of dirt some people have left on the internet for everyone to see! Yes, that’s right. But a criminal background check is not the only thing that a would-be employer will search for before hiring you. So knowing what the internet knows about you is a good place to start.

Here’s a look at all the things the internet probably knows about an individual.

Your criminal background

This is the first thing that anyone interested in you will want to know. Your employer will certainly want to know whether you have a criminal record history. The background search service will be able to pull in your criminal record if anything is available. However, if you don’t have any criminal offense against your name, you have nothing to worry about.

Your credit history

The internet will also know what kind of credit history you have. If you don’t pay your credit card bills regularly or the payment on your car or house has been pending for some time, then it is certainly something that should be easily accessible to others. Employers too want to know what kind of credit histories there would-be employees have to find out how financial responsible they are.

Your driving record

What kind of driving record you have is another thing that the internet will have. When you got your driving license is also easily accessible information. Though most employers will not be interested in your driving records, some may be especially if it is regarding what kind of vehicles you are permitted to drive.

Your education history

Your education history is also something the internet will have. Whether it is information regarding where you went to school, or whether you went to college and if yes, where, the internet is a good place to find out all there is know about the educational history of a person. Some employers will also be able to access copies of school certificates and diplomas that are available in the public sphere. It is important thus to ensure that the information available online is error-free.

What you do on social media

This is another kind of information that the internet amply houses in its realms. If you are on social media networks, expect to have a lot of your information, data, photos and posts to be available freely. Whether it is your drunk photos from parties or the sweet romantic photos with your significant other, you can expect that the internet will have enough and more. That is why it is the smart thing to do to be careful about what you post on social media because future employers may not like what they see and reject your application.

The good news is that apart from criminal background check, most of the information available on the internet can be edited. So do it before others find out unsavory information about you!

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