Five Clever Ways To Distribute Business Cards

Business cards have since forever been the formal norm for publicity and marketing. A classic business card is still as good and effective a marketing material as it was back when they were introduced. A lot of people think that with the advent of the digital life, business cards have been forsaken.

However, according to Statistic Brain, more than 27 million business cards are printed on a daily basis. And an Adobe study says that for every 2000 cards passed out by a business enterprise, their sales increase by 2.5%.

Clearly, business card printing is not something that the corporate world is ready to part with just yet, simply because of the fact that they still serve their purpose. Besides, a well printed and classy looking business card is always perceived as the sign of a reliable and established business.

Coming to the hard part, sure business cards are effective, but only if you keep distributing them in all the right places. But you can’t just stand in say, an airport and hand out your business card to everyone you see now can you?

So how else can distribute business cards?

Well, for starters, the right place is one which you research and determine to be a place where most of your target customers go. You should be able to figure out a few places once you do your homework. The trick is to leave your card in unusual places like the bathroom or park benches etc. That way, you’re creating a memorable effect.

Other than that, here are 5 clever ways to distribute your business cards:

The drop effect – A busy street filled with commuters going off and on throughout the day is possibly a crowd of chances. So while you’re just walking down the street or taking the subway or the bus or any kind of public transportation, drop one of your cards before you leave. Considering how crowded the vehicle is, at least one of them is bound to check out the card.

Uber it – You can leave your business card on your seat after your Uber ride. It can be any ordinary taxi too. Drivers don’t usually clean out their cab until the end of the day, so your card will likely be seen by a lot of passengers. That said, make sure to take a taxi ride in the morning so that your card can sit pretty for a while in the cab.

While they’re waiting – People start looking around for things to do or read when they get bored perhaps while waiting in a check-out line or waiting for their turn at some sort of consultation. That’s where you can swoop in and place your cards, just where they place the magazines. Be sure to stack up in this case.

Double branded – Have your debit or credit card double branded as your business card. That way, everywhere you make a purchase your card will be seen and it will most likely trigger a conversation. Be sure to have a few real business cards handy, in case someone asks for one.

Bulletin – Pin a few of your business cards on to the bulletin boards hung around in the local coffee shop, cinemas and shopping centres. You can even span a wider area for more bulletin boards.

Now that you have a plan, all you need to do is get your business cards printed right away.


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