How to Choose a Domain Name to be Easy Remembered

Memorization should be a relevant factor for anyone thinking of how to create a perfect domain name. It’s best if you try to choose a simple, easy-to-remember name, as it helps your visitors to go back to it or pass the name on in the traditional word-of-mouth.

Many defend the thesis of creating short names for your blog, but between a short name difficult to memorize and a longer and very easy, prefer the long.

Choose names that are easy to pronounce and write

As important as memorizing the name is how easy it is to say the name of your blog.

Imagine you or your attendant having to spell the name of your blog every time you have to present the same to a new person. Or even, you in a lecture and speak the name and no one understand or write down wrong.

An example of a bad domain is It will be difficult for someone to find this domain. By adopting the right tactics you can ensure the access and visibility of your site by the audience. And, throughout this post, you’ll notice that the choice of name is tied to some important aspects of digital marketing. Check out:

In summary, are things that can be avoided in the private domain registration and that care should be taken to avoid embarrassment.

Choose simple terms to baptize your blog.

Be careful with word combinations

Poor choice of blog name can also lead to funny situations. When you create a name for your blog you should remember that it does not use spaces between words and that the junction of words can bring a negative or at least very strange result.

A real example is a website there is a website called Tips Express.

This looks like a good name, semantically legal, but the problem is that when registering the domain you can find the following words “Sex Press Tip”, which is probably not the blog’s theme.

Such a domain can easily fall into the block list because of the term “sex” that forms in the domain.

Anyway, when it comes to creating a name for your blog try to remove the spaces of the words to see if something sounds bad.

When creating your own domain, you gain independence and searchers come to see you as a blog that wants to have its own results. Create your name thinking about concepts, as this favors the positioning of your brand in the market. When you think of branding only, the question of keywords ends up in the background. However, the idea is to have a brand with a strong concept and related keywords.

Go to website, which allows you to have your own domain and can be easily configured. Ask a support person and map your domain to the blog you created. You can also use this tool to see if a domain is available or not.

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