The Incredible History of Online Marketing

In today’s generation, millions and millions of the population are dependent on the internet. A lot of people spend valuable hours every day on the internet. For most people, their lives revolve around the web. Almost everything is achievable through the use of it. It made life more comfortable and more convenient not just in people’s personal lives but businesses as well. Many industries depend on the internet for transactions and communication with clients, sister companies and employees. They say that if you want to learn about anything, the internet is your best friend. The same scenario is also true when you want something to reach many people.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing

The reasons above are the paramount reasons why online marketing Houston became popular. There are many platforms by which you can reach millions of possible customers and clients. A lot of people and businesses focus on the benefits they get from online marketing, but have you ever stopped to think where and how it started? The beginning of internet marketing is quite colourful and is very interesting.

The Beginning

Unknown to many, online marketing started almost right after the introduction of the internet. Many people claim it was during the late 1980’s while some claims it’s the early 1990’s. In essence, both are true. The real beginning of internet marketing was during the time internet started in the late 1980’s; however, its popularity only started at the beginning of 1990’s.


The price for online marketing soared up in 1990’s when the demand began to increase. It was in the year 1990 that digital marketing firstly used. It was also the time for the first search engine Archie. In 1993, the first web-ad banner you can click used for the first time. The following year, Yahoo, a popular online marketing website launched. In 1996, they introduced Alexa, HotBot and LookSmart. They are smaller search engines compared to Yahoo, but they were considered good. 1998 was a remarkable year as it gave birth to the most popular search engines these days, Google, MSN and Yahoo’s web search.


They say that these years are the transformation years. At the beginning of the decade, the smaller search engines mentioned above were wiped out. In 2001, Universal Music introduced the first mobile marketing campaign. LinkedIn followed suit the following year which was 2002. Online marketing in Houston even became more popular in 2004 when Gmail launch and most importantly, the birth of Facebook. YouTube was launched in 2005 and was followed by the start of MS Live Search, Twitter, Amazon and split testing in 2006. It was in 2007 when Tumblr and iPhone launched. In 2009, Google began the real-time search engine results. Fast forward, by the year 2012, Social Media marketing budget went up to 64 percent. One of the most critical milestones in the launch of tailored advertisements on Facebook Messenger. It is also in this same year when Facebook acquired WhatsApp.

The Present

Today, with all these websites you can use for advertisement, it is easier to reach people and communicate well. These sites, when used correctly, can boost internet marketing campaigns from different brands and individuals who want their products become known.

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