Intrinsic stock value: Tips to Calculate like Warren Buffet

According to the industry experts, intrinsic value formula is considered to be among the most sought after stock calculations among stock investors across the globe. Even though, it might appear elusive to many, those who have understood it will find the calculation to be obvious. There is a need to know that the formula which is used by Buffet is actually the fundamentals and ideas of Benjamin Graham, the Columbia Business Professor.

About Benjamin Graham

One significant aspect about Graham is stated to be that he felt that bonds were much more of an investment probable and safer when compared to stocks. However, it was strongly disagreed upon by Buffet given today’s high rates of inflation. However, it becomes essential to understand Buffet’s method to value equities.

Know about intrinsic value calculation of Warren Buffet

While checking out intrinsic value definition of Buffet, his quote is ‘intrinsic value is just the organization’s future cash flows and discounted value. Prior to understanding this definition, it will be useful to first know how bond is valued. As there is issuance of a bond, it gets placed at face value or par value in the market. Once the bond is introduced in the market, a semi-annual coupon is paid upon by the issuer to bond holders. Such coupon payments are said to be based upon the rate which was established while issuing the bond initially. For instance, if 5% was the coupon rate, then 2 annual coupon payments will be received by the bond holder. The coupon payments would be paid continuously until bond gets matured.

Few bonds are seen to mature within a year, while the others tend to mature in a period of thirty years. Irrespective of the term, on maturing of the bond, its par value gets repaid to the bond holder. If this security is to be valued upon, then it is on the key factors that the value is based. For instance, how long with the bond holder receive the coupons, what is coupon rate all about, how much par value will be received upon maturing of bond.

The reason for information pertaining to bonds is mentioned here is because, stocks are valued by Buffet similar to the way bonds are valued by him!

Hence, if the bond’s market value is to be calculated, then the inputs of terms which are listed above are to be plugged onto the market value calculator of the bond and number crunched. It is seen to be no different while dealing with stocks. As Buffet states that cash flow future value is discounted, then he means summing up the dividends that is expected to be received. He also estimates the business’ future book value (similar to the bond’s par value). Therefore, by having such future cash flows estimated from the main terms that are mentioned, that money is discounted back to the current day value by using worthwhile return rate.

For the average stock broker who has just begun, it might seem to be a bit confusing. Hence, it becomes crucial to go slow with the investment so as to safeguard the principal investment amount. One should use the best online Brokerage Calculator available.

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