Severe Weather Alerts – Stay Informed With High Tech Weather Apps

How many times do you wake up and see gorgeous, warm sun out the window just to be greeted by rainy clouds the moment you exit home? Weather can be highly unpredictable and if you’re someone who travels a lot or even just an average person (you still need to go out), knowing the exact weather is crucial. Why go through the hassle of taking an umbrella just to carry it around all day? Or worse, not taking one and getting soaking wet 10 minutes later. God knows what’s worse.

Luckily, there are tons of weather reports apps out there and we bring you only the ones proved by users to be highly reliable.

AccuWeather – The King of Weather Reports

Let’s begin with the most obvious one. With over 50 million downloads, it’s no wonder AccuWeather quickly rose to the top. Unlike TV weather reports that always have enormous, too general maps, AccuWeather provides reports exactly for your location. Knowing the rain might start in a 20-mile radius isn’t exactly helpful, but knowing the rain might hit exactly your house is. Imagine AccuWeather like going to get a tailored suit. You don’t get just any generic fit-all suit; you get one crafted just for you – that’s what this app does. Plus, interactive radar weather map transforms your mobile device into a high-tech report center you can easily customize and get only the most accurate reports. It doesn’t have the word “accu” in the name just to show off.

Extreme Weather Reports – When Danger Comes, Be Ready

It’s one thing to know a slight rain shower might come tomorrow. Anyone can easily go through their day even with a couple of raindrops. But if you live in an area with crazy weather, anything can happen. Also, you know the difference between a minor summer shower and a full-blown thunderstorm – it’s not pretty.

This brings us to our point, staying updated on extreme weather is crucial not just for our daily livelihood, but for business as well. Anyone who works outdoors knows weather shouldn’t be taken lightly. Fortunately, alongside usual weather reports, there’s a great number of apps that have instant extreme weather reports and alerts.

Apps With Extreme Weather Reports

This way, you momentarily get notified if there’s a plausible chance of a thunderstorm or something worse coming your way. Stay safe!

Today Weather – For Travellers Worldwide

If you’re someone who constantly travels, you know how frustrating to prepare for a trip can be. You take ten t-shirts just to realize you’re missing a raincoat. Getting a worldwide 5 to 10-day weather report can easily save not you getting stressed out, but also tons of money. We mean, buying unneeded clothes just because you didn’t take the right ones is never good for your wallet. Also, checking out foreign weather reports can be a bit hard if you don’t know the language.

Today Weather brings a super intuitive method to check the weather for any place in the world. Let’s say you have a trip plan ready to go. You can quickly find the places, add them to the library and after that, checking the weather is just a swipe away. As a bonus, Today Weather packs the reports in a super simple UI with gorgeous images to visually present the possible weather. Always dreamed of knowing exactly what clothes to take on a trip? Now you can. Happy travel!

There’s an entire jungle of weather apps out there and it can get confusing finding the one that’s best for you. We listed some we believe can come in handy for a great number of people, but if you didn’t find anything useful, there are places you can check that neatly list only the best apps picked by users all around the world.

The Best Weather Apps

At the end of the day, it looks like staying dry has never been easier.


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