Six Popular Myths You Might Have Come Across about Outsourcing Software Testing

We have all heard about outsourcing software testing in the past few years. And many of us in fact have some understanding of it, whereas rest have no idea about it. There are many conflicts and beliefs about outsourcing software testing floating in the mind of the individuals. In this blog I would be addressing some of the major myth that will help people know how to outsource better.

Myth 1: It is meant for big businesses only

Most of the times the contracts for outsourcing software testing for your organization are discussed in millions of dollar and pounds. So the other organizations and individuals think that it is affordable only for bigger businesses. But the reality here is that any business can benefit from outsourcing regardless of whatever their size is.

Small and medium size business organizations are guaranteed with IT support services at a cheaper price when compared to the in house. Larger business organizations too can get similar kind of savings like the smaller organizations.

In fact they can save more by spending less amount of money by hiring one dedicated member of IT staff for the same work that the others have been doing. Also a business can get customized services only when needed at an affordable price from an efficient business provider and can save a lot when it comes to fixed employee overhead.

Myth 2: Loss of Control

Many organizations when it comes to the process of outsourcing software testing are generally afraid of losing control over the entire process. The idea seems to be that once you turn over the reins you will no longer have any day to day work, especially when it comes to the applicable guidelines and a broader vision.

But this is something that is not true. In fact you can allow your partner to have a fair degree of leeway if you really wish too, and when there is no requirement that you forgo involvement and control. You can also hand over certain part of your project while retaining the other elements, like for example manual testing and compatibility testing while the other projects are just kept in-house.

Myth 3: No Clear Communication

Communication turns out to be difficult even today due to poor technical infrastructure

It is believed that the IT sector even today provides lack of modern edge communication structure, due to which it turns out to be difficult maintaining proper communication during the entire project lifecycle.

So the superior company here always ensures that the communication lines between the two are always there, and their partners are always open and clear enough making sure that the right person receives whatever information is necessary and required. A high quality technical infrastructure would here mean that it comprises of email, chat services, video conferencing, direct telephone numbers, and the last but not the least online screening sharing facility.

Myth 4: Loss of Quality 

Keep in mind that the outsourced software testing companies do have professional developers even today. They do have the given training, experience, education, just like the others who are doing the same job, and can be sure that they take the pride of the work that they are doing and wish to be it on top of the line. When organizations hear that they can save a lot of money through outsourcing, then they sometimes feel that a reduced price will lead to poorer craftsmanship. You can assure yourself that you will get an excellent product. After all do you think that all the industry leaders would trust their development to be outsourced after feeling that they are not getting kind of a work?

Myth 5: Security Risk 

Outsourcing causes security problems and leads to the risks of intellectual property rights

There are many individuals in the organization even today who continue to advocate that the data is kept in the safe hand. They to feel that outsourcing leads to the disclosing the sensitive data to the providers who might not deal with it in a safer manner. And on a contrary to this belief most of the outsourcing business organizations, spend a lot of money, time and effort in building a secure environment where they could easily handle the data of their clients.

Some of the measures adopted by these organizations are Restricting unauthorized access of removable disks in the work place, checking of employees through CCTV, online activity monitoring followed by strong firewall implementation etc. So how did we do the above process?? Did we debunk all the above mentioned myths and change our view of outsourcing software testing?? And did something else come in mind??? Let us know through the comments.

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