The Rise of e-commerce in India

There has been a significant increase in the rise of e-commerce platforms in the last few years. Although eCommerce business started back in around 1995 in the U.S.A, it was limited to a few developed countries. Additionally, there were a limited number of buyers that prefer to shop online. However, the scenario improved gradually in the last few years. The major reason behind this growth was the arrival of smartphones era in addition to improved internet connectivity. The same revolution took place in India. Our country was flooded with numerous e-commerce websites in the last few years. Multiple cities in India emerged as the hub for e-commerce business. Gurgaon, in particular, became the first choice of e-commerce development activities in the northern India region. At present, any eCommerce website development company in Delhi can be seen making good progress. ECommerce business can grow with the help of a SEO company in Gurgaon that can help to reach potential customers.

Many reasons lead to the growth of the e-commerce industry in India.

Easy to start

E-commerce businesses are easy to start as compared to traditional market business. These businesses can be started with a website or mobile application.

Easy in budget

The easy to start an online business has one more advantage that it is very cost effective as compared to other forms of businesses.

Needs minimum qualification

It does not require any eligibility criteria or technical qualification to start an e-commerce business. All it takes a good idea about the internet functions and the person is ready to launch an e-commerce business.

Easy to scale

ECommerce business does not take much take capital investments to scale them. The cost is high in traditional forms of business for expanding businesses operations.

Global Reach

The eCommerce platform makes it easy for even a small business house to reach global customers. An online business platform can provide a global customer outreach to business houses.

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