Tips to Create a Successful Beauty Blog with Best Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of beauty blogs across the internet these days that focus on fashion, personal care, makeup, and cosmetics. From skincare or hair care tips to detailed review of the latest makeup products, you’ve got everything covered in a beauty blog.

These are out and out beauty digests for women, on the internet. Some bloggers even broaden their horizons by adding fashion in their content. Well, women don’t mind till you have something in it for them!

What are Beauty Blogs?

Beauty blogs are known to post contents like makeup reviews, how to articles, or video demonstrations that strike a chord with majority of the female population. A typical beauty blog usually sets into motion with accounts of personal experiences, what they personally like or dislike, etc.

So, if you are wondering why I am going gaga about the beauty blogs, as a blogger who’s stepping into the world of blogs and affiliate marketing you must know that beauty blogs are a big thing these days. Yes, they are going to get even bigger in the near futures and all thanks to the ever-growing fashion and the beauty industry.

Monetizing is important

But, is just starting a blog and adding content enough? Nope. In order to keep it going and for paid marketing you need funds, and you can make that money by signing up with different affiliate programs. In simple words, you need to monetize your blog and generate revenue.

Know your numbers

However, once you are associated with an affiliate scheme you must track your sales and earnings, and for that you should partner with the best management software. LeadDyno is one such powerful affiliate tracking tool that not just helps you keep a track of the numbers in real-time, but also allows you to sync with their wide affiliate network.

So, how big and popular is the beauty niche?

The cosmetic industry is growing with each day and needless to mentions, it’s huge. It’s a business that’s thriving on user’s emotions because looking good is important for most of us. The industry is known to generate an annual revenue of $170 billion across the world.

The strong desire of each of us to look good is the reason behind the fast growth of these beauty blogs. And guess what, the target audience of these blogs is not just restricted to women, but some are dedicated to men too.

How to combat the competition?

Given that there are plenty of beauty blogs out there, there is undoubtedly a tough competition. If you are launching a fashion and beauty blog, you must know the essential tricks to beat the competition. Not only that you should have high-quality content, but it should also focus on the product. If you are associated with an affiliate program you would have to promote their products and services. For instance, in this case it has to be beauty products, makeup, cosmetics, etc. So, focus on the pros and cons of the product, a detailed review, comparisons, and the use of right keywords. So, use a free or a paid tool that can help you with the latest trending keywords and be ore specific. You should choose keywords that are relevant to your niche such as, “how to apply foundation”, “party eye makeup”, and so on.

Top 5 Affiliate Programs Perfect for Beauty Blogs

That being said, your blog must attract web traffic and generate revenue via different sources for instance, by email marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing (one of the cheapest form of internet marketing and one of the most popular too!). Getting associated with a reputed affiliate program is the key and here’s the list for the top affiliate programs for beauty blogs you can look upto.

BH Cosmetics

BH cosmetics is a Los Angeles based manufacturer that offers cosmetics in a reasonable price range. From super pigmented eyeshadow palettes to quality makeup brushes there’s much more for the cosmetic lovers here.

You are rewarded a 15% commission for each sale making it one of the highest commission rates in the makeup product category. If you do not want to miss on that handsome sales commission, you can rely on one of the best management software for affiliate programs, LeadDyno. While it helps you to keep a count of your sales and commissions, you can also seek help from their wide network of affiliates to promote your product for you.


Have you ever felt that frustration when that eyeshadow brush tip falls off while applying makeup? Many of us have gone through that disappointment, and Nanshy offers quality solution for the same. This website is all about makeup brushes of international standards that a beauty blogger can choose to promote along with other similar affiliate programs.

You earn a flat 10% on each sale for Nanshy and 25% on your purchases of their products.

Sigma Beauty

This is again another great cosmetics company that is widely known for its wide range of makeup products and also for its cutting-edge makeup brushes. What’s more, the website also has a page named “new affiliate spotlight” that offers an insight into the progress of the other affiliate marketers.

It offers a handsome bonus of 10% per sale, and alluring rewards like cash prizes and giveaways for the for the top performers.


ULTA is for all those who seek pleasure in world-class fragrances and high-quality skincare and makeup products. It’s a US based cosmetics company with a group of beauty stores in the country.

The commissions offered are pretty handsome that is between 5% and 7% based on their total earnings in a month.


Avon is a widely popular name in the cosmetics industry with an extended makeup line, costume jewellery, and accessories to promote as an affiliate. It has been working on word of mouth marketing and via third-parties for much longer than any of its other adversaries.

You can make 6% commission on each sale and also have opportunities for bonuses and giveaways.

Once you have your beauty blog set up with an affiliate program, it’s on you how to promote your blog. Whether you use content strategy, email marketing, via blog and forum posts, or YouTube marketing, it’s upto you to make it effective. At the same time, also remember to find a best management software to go with your affiliate blog so that you do not lose track of your numbers. So, get going with your beauty blog this year and happy earning!

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