WeChat is changing Business in China

We are changing a request for a lot of people in China every day. This is the way through which it encourages eateries to run all the potentially and gets better respect.

The new style offered by the West-style cafe and the fact that the delight is offered, which instead has a discounted discount and drink with WeChat instead of the traditional menu.

In every cell phone in China, the part of the customer lion is also related to its recordings of bank cards, and generally use WeChat Payment. WeChat is not only quick and beneficial to arrange for extensions and drinks, and yet we allow the moment length directly with the same visa after application.

In addition, it does not have to be taken after a client-specific Vetet account. Everything required is filtering AR code, which is especially featured on the waiter’s table.

Provides great tools to edit the record of the online administration phase. This includes tab settings and with different images of items and pictures, easy to understand record included. Adding a QR code to your site is the same as it will enable others to share their identities faster.

It is necessary to maintain your deserving faith. Your record in this regard is as likely as possible. The application is used to skill and you need to rely on the top of this preferred list. Modifying the usual tabs is more primarily and shows your market understanding. Post crisp substance is dynamically triggered. Membership record can send a collective message for each day, and the administration record can send only four social messages for each month so that they can get their satisfaction. These messages can be focused on age, sexual orientation and area, which brands want to target specific groups of people.

Here’s how to apply with the work of the Vsetet application:

Step 1: Check the QR code to customers who are unusual on each table at the dining table. Allows this course of action after customer requests in specific areas.

Step 2: After examining the QR code, WeChat’s application opens a menu that meets:

Step 3: Users can use menu objects as they would with physical render, read about everything, watch photos and zoom.

Step 4: Add customers to the things that are not ready to apply in the application until they are ready to apply:

Step 5: After confirming the request, the resulting installment with this cut money is handled. Meanwhile, food staff is requested and once ready, it presents it at the right table.

In addition to the appropriate accommodation for the beneficiaries, the WeChat application making framework in the same framework requires a part of the charge: Each individual is essentially their own WeChat You can apply and pay for your nutrition directly with money.

With respect to eateries, WeChat offers some real benefits to application requests. Tables allow cloud to lower demand and run similar administration with lower staff. After running the above orders, the blades are exit.

There is no need for print and supplier menus, according to which eateries know owners, they can mainly increase the cost of activity. In addition, the menu based on the WeChat application can be significantly reduced as requested by the backup of the new things. Expenses can be balanced without warnings before, without prior notice, especially on things things can progressively progress on and on any repetition.

During this time, the background of the application offers the capabilities of different locations, for example, insight on deals, special examination benefits and various CRM qualifications. Allows the advantages of each of the administration in which the better administration allows supporters to work effectively and more efficiently, offering supporters of supporters.

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