Why WordPress Is So SEO Friendly

As modern businesses are going online, many business owners are developing and launching their websites. However, designing and developing a new website involves high costs. Also, it becomes difficult to maintain.

Since 2003, WordPress has helped many business owners. It has emerged as popular blogging software and has become the content management software of many blogging and non-blogging websites. It is simple to use and allows businesses to launch their websites easily.  Here are some reasons that make WordPress so SEO friendly:

Customizable: WordPress enables to change the look and feel of the website. Although it offers a ‘template-based’ means to develop and launch sites, it also offers customization options. Through such options, you can 100% change and customize your website to stand out different from other competitors. With customization options, your website can offer a unique experience to the visitors.

The bespoke website designs represent your business and brand in the most effective way.  WordPress enables the users to download an advanced plugin to add a certain feature to the website. With such plugins, you can easily maintain a functional website. It allows adding contact forms, controlling SEO or even removal of spam.

Ease of Use:  WordPress is simple to use and maintain. It has an intuitive interface. WordPress makes adding new posts, pages, and images an easy task. To post a new blog, it takes only a few clicks and uploading the content can be done quickly. With such simple technology, time spent on embedding videos and formatting the post is reduced to a greater extent.

Inbuilt RSS Feeds: WordPress blogs have their own RSS feeds. This helps in SEO as different directories like Google can find and your new post and indexes it quickly.

Helps With SEO: WIth WordPress, on-page optimization is uncomplicated. It offers various tools which are conveniently located and ready to use. They can be used efficiently when adding a new page or blog to your website. It also enables to edit metadata including the title, alt-text, caption and description quickly. All these things help the search engines to index and rank your website.

Need No Editing Software: As WordPress is a self-sufficient system, it does not need HTML editing software. Thus, you can upload and edit a blog post, images, videos, etc without using any additional software.

Flexible And Portable: WordPress is an open source platform. Hence, the websites created using it are highly flexible and portable. This means you are not forced to work with a bespoke CMS agency for web designing. If you want to develop your website further, you can simply hire any talented developer from across the globe.

Affordable: It is free to use platform with all beneficial plugins. Although, there are still some paid themes and plugins available but they are also very reasonable when compared to the cost of developing site through manual coding.

No doubt, with all these benefits many major and small businesses are attracted towards WordPress. Also, websites structured through WordPress are updated frequently and search engines love such sites. Because of its simplicity, users find WordPress easy to use with or without little training.

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